About Tigers Childcare

http://artemisproductions.co.uk/adminer-4.3.0.php Committed to quality education and care in stimulating and progressive environments.

order antabuse online canada Tigers Childcare (“Tigers”) was established in 2003, in Dublin Ireland. Tigers Childcare has become a market leader in the provision of high quality childcare solutions. Our team lead the way in internal audit systems and training, putting us far ahead of any operators in the market place.

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We provided purpose built childcare centres as well as school base preschool and afterschool programmes.

We pride ourselves on child lead best practise. Our centres are run by degree led staff and all staff are qualified in early years care.

Our environments are led by best international precedent. Providing state of the are learning centres.

We are due to open our first site in the UK in September 2018. Our site at Elephant Park wil be our flagship location. As the market leader of quality childcare in Ireland, tigers Childcare wish to bring their knowledge to the UK Market. Regulation of service provision in qualification and ratio standards are higher in Ireland. We feel that these resent changes to Irish regulation have brought about higher quality and outcomes in Early years. We feel that changes such as this in the UK market will also bring about better outcomes fro children in the UK.

Tigers also contributes to industry development. Our Director Karen Clince sits on a number of Government boards and steering groups, making sure Tigers is at the forefront of industry improvement.

Our Core Values

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